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7 Tools for content writers in 2017


Are you struggling to get recognition as a good content writer? Even if you are excellent at playing with words, there is still more to be learned in order to establish yourself as a successful writer. Just devote some more effort and follow these 7 tools to add yourself to the list of top-notch bloggers. You will soon cut the mustard in the challenging world of content writing.


Content must have utility and empathy for the readers. The most significant part of writing is its grammar and originality to make it worthwhile. The content is useful when it conveys the same message as the writer wish to deliver. Grammarly is the tool that can make the content perfect after checking the spellings, grammar, and plagiarism. If you are craving to become a good blogger, inculcate a habit of writing daily and use Grammarly to check the errors.

        2. Power Thesaurus

Another important feature of writing is vocabulary. Proper use of words and unique writing style make you stand distinctively among other writers. Use synonyms and Power Thesaurus will help you in choosing the best suitable word. Writing is basically playing with words; the selection and panache of using words impart a flow to your writing.
3.     Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Every article begins with a title. If you have any concept in mind, you will definitely search for a suitable title. The title tag is used to tell the search engine what the page is all about. It is an important part of the content you are creating as this helps you to develop an SEO optimized article. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator is one such tool to assist you with the search of titles. Just enter some relevant keywords and generate a title.
4.     Calmly writer

 A writer should be efficient in expressing his thoughts effortlessly by his writings. You need to focus on your writing for this purpose and explore all avenues to get the result. Calmly writer is one such tool that will help you to focus on the paragraph you are working besides proofreading, grammar checking and inserting quotes, subheadings etc. An incredible tool for genuine writers!
5.     Hemingway

 Polishing content before publishing is important for optimization of text to increase its readability. An amazing tool that is providing a whole nine yards for your writing is Hemingway. The content should be readable to viewers as you are creating content for them. They must be able to grasp what you are intending to provide. Hemingway is an online tool that highlights complex sentences to be broken into simpler ones, converts passive voice into active and suggest appropriate phrases. Furthermore, it has document style settings and after editing you can look at the readability score. What’s more it counts total paragraphs, letters, characters, words and sentences to give you an overview of your writing.
6.     Unplag

As the name suggests, Unplag is the tool to provide plagiarized-free content. This allows you to make changes to your document or cite the source. Sometimes, while writing, we copy or quote someone else writing unknowingly. Unplag generates a report about your document with links to the sources.
7.     Snappa

Visuals add captivation to blog content. You can add graphics created by you or borrow other’s to allure readers. Snappa claims to help you in making your content appealing by whipping graphics stored by you. You can tune your creation using Snappa app and post it with your writings. The editing options are awesome to create startling pictures to be added up in your posts.

Summing up
These tools are going to assist you in your writing but maintaining the quality of the articles should be your first priority. How efficiently you use these tools will decide your ability as a content writer. The content creation is an art and in this challenging world of content writing, you must be able to deliver genuine content to stand out from the competition.



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