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Gender Inequality – Let’s Fight back

Gender inequality is basically differentiation between individuals based on their gender. This behavioral mindset comes due to natural differences between male and females. Anatomically and biologically men and women are different. There are differences in physical strength as well, men are considered to be stronger and taking more risks than women. On an average, men are taller and have bigger lungs, but women have a stronger immune system. These differences are just hypothesized. Based on them one cannot conclude that men have an upper hand over women.
Men and women equality has been the talk of the town for a long time now. It’s a fight that is being fought for ages now. From households to workplaces to relationships, women have been at the receiving end of inequality. They have lost their voices in each and every realm of the society and are excluded from decision-making as well. It’s high time that we take some actions towards creating a gender unbiased environment in our society. Below points would help in increasing gender inequality.
1. Listen and Talk to Women – A small step as simple as listening and talking to women would work a great deal towards gender equality. Women are still not included in decision-making processes whether it be a workplace or home. Many times they are just ignored as if their opinion isn’t valuable. This should change. Involving women while designing different programs or projects would help create a strong central foundation for the future. Moreover, the involvement of women in state and national level projects will help the government to anticipate major obstacle for women and girls and it can then focus to resolve those hurdles.

2. Educate Women – Women and girls have been denied educational opportunities in many countries. Women education is necessary for improving the quality of life of a family and it further acts as a catalyst towards economic development of countries worldwide. The society should work in the direction of providing basic learning to women so that they can make an well-versed decision about their future and create a quality life for them and their families. In many cities and towns, it’s hard to find even a small school. Improving basic education amenities will drive a positive community change in the society. If women remain uneducated, the country is losing a big skill-set of people which could make significant contributions towards development.

3. Include Men in the Conversation – It’s a misconception that gender equality is all about working for women. But since it’s termed ‘gender equality’, both men and women should be included in the communications. Both the genders have to work together to create a positive and healthy environment for women to become independent. The initiative should also come from men and they should participate in the conversations as well. Even Emma Watson during her UN speech in 2014 had called out everyone to support the fight for gender equality. It’s a two-way street. Everyone should join hands and participate. Working together will also ensure continuous progress and development of a society, both economically and culturally.

4. Hire and Promote – Having a gender diverse environment at a workplace encourages women to work. This is a big step towards gender equality. The companies must collectively support working women and hire them as well. A realistic assessment should be done by interviewers so that women can also come aboard. Target recruiting opportunities like creating jobs for women wanting to return work after pregnancy etc. should be used to create a diverse work environment. This would also be a great moral boost to women who want to restart their career. Moreover, a women’s promotion, salary compensation, and recognition should be driven by her performance not by her gender.

5. Get Women in Power – Increased participation of women in state and national legislatures will bring path breaking changes in improving gender equality. The best way to empower women is to give her a leadership role in her community. Once empowered she can really make a difference as she understands the gaps in the system and can connect the dots for a better future. Even though the percentage of women in national parliament in Asia has increased to 18% from 7% in the last ten years, the global representation of women is still less and needs to become better.

6. Stop Crime Against Women – One of the major let downs of our society are crimes against women. With gender inequality, violence and crime against women continue nonstop. As per UN’s study, 1 in 3 women experiences violence in her lifetime. Moreover, in few countries even child marriage is prevalent for e.g. in Bangladesh almost half the girl population gets married before they turn 18. Also, sexual harassment is a predominant issue that women face, either it is home or work. These factors are causing a slowness in a women’s education and career growth. Even though the WHO and other world organizations have tried to understand violence against women and suggest preventive strategies, there is still a lot that has to be done.

7. Open Reporting – Most of the time women aren’t encouraged to speak. Their opinion or voice doesn’t have any importance. This mindset has to change. There should be help-lines and platforms where women can come and speak about the issues they are facing. Until and unless we address these problems gender equality won’t trickle down in the society and women will still remain unheard. The more we support women and work with them hand in hand, the more progress a country will make towards development.

With all this being said there have been significant improvements in our society’s mindset. We now see women studying and working along with men and are doing good in almost all the professions. This is a positive start towards creating a gender equal environment. However, crimes against women haven’t reduced and workplace biases still exist. Hence, there are a lot of steps have to be taken towards empowering women. Let’s join hands together and support each other and create a harmonious environment for both the genders to co-exist.


  1. I totally agree with the article. There is a need to create awareness on this issue, especially in rural India.
    Well written article.

  2. Excellent! Dynamic presentation. Well written facts. Keep the good work up!

  3. great work!
    You have accentuated a very big problem here...which should not be ignored...

  4. It's high time for society to value women and pay them off. Very well written miss...keep up the good work.

  5. This one is the existing problem in the society but i suppose things will change gradually rather than radically.

  6. Great use of your skills to demonstrate the ideology in a very elegant manner.
    Just about Perfect

  7. Great use of your skills to demonstrate the ideology in a very elegant manner.
    Just about Perfect

  8. Spectacular. Very beautifully written based on true facts! Keep up the good work.

  9. Even though we are in 21st century with well developed technology and everything , many people still have these filthy mind sets making life harder for someone who wants to reach beyond his/her limits. These thoughts not only confine themselves to rural parts but also in urban parts of our country.

    This article puts a necessary light on the issue and shows the need for the issue to be promoted.


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