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In today’s ever changing scenario, it becomes difficult for an individual to keep up with the pace of the developing environment. Current jobs also require extra efforts and many times people end up working for more than forty hours in a week. Moreover, with the sudden boom in social media, there is a lot out there that eats’ up one’s precious time. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few set of apps that are generally a part of one’s regime. So there is a scarcity of time which people have started to feel now.  
Saving time has always been tricky. But if you are looking for some tips to save time then you are at the right place. This blog talks about some simple tricks, if implemented, will help you save a good amount of quality time that can be be spent on your personal choice of activities. This extra time will have an enormous impact on your daily routine. Apply these techniques and see yourself doing things that your heart always wanted to do.
1. Strategic Planning – It’s a management organizational activity generally used in IT industry to set priorities for tasks. This helps teams to focus correct resources and energy towards their goals and in turns acts as a time saver. Applying this disciplined effort in your day-to-day routine will help you to concentrate just on important things and all unwanted tasks can be flushed out of your schedule.  Hence, the right understanding of urgent and important tasks will help you save time.
2. Monitoring Time – Keeping track of activities can help identify areas where you can improve. Measuring time within a day or even a week will help in identifying gaps where you have an opportunity to improve your time usage. This extra time when reapportioned properly can get you minutes or even hours in a day.
3. High-Intensity Interval Training – With the crunch of time that we are facing, high-intensity workouts are a good alternate to your long gym hours. Generally, a normal workout starts with a warmup jog and concludes with weight training for body building. The design of the work out doesn’t matter in this case. But a high-intensity training is customized to get one in and out of the gym quickly. A well-executed pattern of high and low-intensity exercises, helps you to accomplish more in less time. Within minutes this intense and effective training will give you similar results as an hour long gym workout does.   
4. Maximize Sleep Quality – Many people don’t practice good sleeping habits. It’s extremely important for your body to rest and mind to refresh. The standard recommended sleep time is about seven to eight hours, but an effective six hours of sleep is good enough to rejuvenate the body. Just by avoiding electronic lighting and caffeine for an hour before bed you can get good and effective sleep within six hours. This will not only help with anti-aging and weight loss but also improve sleep quality that makes you more productive.
5. Delete Social Media Profiles – This might be the toughest one to do. Major of our time goes in browsing various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the notifications coming from these sites break your concentration and the task that you were working on gets dragged. If you feel that after removing your social media presence your friends won’t be able to contact you, then you are wrong. They have your phone and email address to get in touch. Social Media platforms have become an attraction but we can fight to ignore them and indulge in something more meaningful.   
6. Delete Games – Smartphones have become lightening fast nowadays. Many high-end games can be easily installed on your mobiles. Moreover, many people have gaming consoles installed at home. These games are nothing but addictions that drain your energy within no time and also are a health hazard as one has to stare at the screen for unlimited hours. Avoiding the games will save significant time and keeps your calendar open for other important chores.
7. The Night Before Prepping – Just before you go to bed, you can spend some time organizing activities for the next day. This time is ideal for getting one all set for the activities to be done beforehand. This helps the brain to be clear about what needs to be worked on. But avoid high-stress projects before bedtime, which might induce worry in your mind. Be prepared and zip through the next day without any hurdle and time loss.
8. Adjust Working Hours – Nowadays many companies provide flexible working times for its employees. If you work in a metro city, then you can easily spend an hour or 2 in commuting to work. One can take benefit of flex hours, avoid travel time and finish up a major chunk of office work from home itself. This time saved would be a big contributor towards your free time.
9. Build Willpower – Willpower increases a person’s efficiency. Psychologist Roy Baumeister, in a study, has found that making people do simple willpower improving exercises like using nondominant hand to do day-to-day activities, strengthens their focus during important tasks. Such willpower exercises improve a person’s time management skills and they start taking better decisions. The best time to take tough decisions is in the morning when one’s willpower is the strongest.
10. Dedicated Time for Yourself – The day is all yours. It’s up to you to decide where and with whom you have to spend the time with. Take control of your time and spend at least an hour with yourself. You can use this time for self-assessment or for personal development. This gift of time for yourself will be the most precious gift you will ever receive.
Summary: Time is something that always falls short of what we need. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. This number can’t be changed but if managed efficiently, a lot can be made of out it. Get organized, be efficient and get on the path of productivity. Time is the most valuable asset that you will ever own and it runs out very fast.

Time is Money!


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