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FREE ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING COURSES WITH CERTIFICATE (2018 Update)…Blog worth reading at least once…

Today the opportunities are more in the digital marketing field because of that many students are choosing the digital marketing as a career now. 

Moreover no matters what is your previous qualification anyone can learn Digital Marketing and start his new professional life…

Several jobs are available in the digital marketing as we have already stepped into the digital world. 

Moreover after gaining enough knowledge you can plan for a startup company. Many people wish to learn digital marketing but the course fee is quite high which a common man cannot afford.

But no worries today in this article you will learn about the 5 free online digital marketing courses along with the certification.

As I know certification is very important today to get jobs. It is like a proof of your study. The more the certificates the chances are more of getting a dream job.

The websites which are going to be discussed here offer the study material which is written and explained very well by the experts in the digital marketing field.

Later on after the completion of syllabus you can take exam anywhere and anytime. You just need desktop and the internet connection.

So here are 5 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses with Certificate to start your career and move toward your dreams.

1. eMarketing Institutes

eMarkting is an Institute which offer 100% digital marketing course along with study material. The course includes Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Content marketing, Email marketing, Online marketing, Web Analytics and Search engine marketing.

The ebooks are available which you can download to study. But to apply for the course and certification you need to login to emarketing institute first which is an easy task to do, after this you can view the list of the free courses and apply for any courses.

Then simply download the ebook and prepare for the exam.
After the completion of it get ready to take the exam. It is very important to note that there is time limit of 60 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. 

Moreover to qualify the exam you need answer 25 questions correct. At last after qualifying exam your certificate will appear which you can download.

2. Google Digital Unlocked

To start the career in Digital marketing Field Google Digital Unlocked course and certification is the best opportunity. The topics are explained by the experts in a very appropriate manner along with examples for better understanding.

Google Digital Unlocked includes 26 badges which need to be open to earn the certificate and for that you need to answer the simple questions. After the completion of each lecture you have to clear the assignment and at last clear the final test. As soon as you clear the test the Google Digital Unlocked certificate will appear.

3. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is another Institute where different courses such as Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Sales Enablement etc courses are available along with certification. After the completion of training you can take exam but it is important to note that the time limit is different for different exams.

To clear inbound certification you will get 90 minutes while to clear email marketing you will get only 75 minutes. The test consists of total 60 questions which are to be answered. If you failed the exam then you can retake it but only after the completion of 24 hours.

4. Google Adword Certification

Another big opportunity to start the career is Google Adword certification. Various courses are offered such as Adword Fundamental, Display advertising, Mobile Advertising, search advertising and Shopping Advertising. To earn a google adword certification you need to clear at least two exams from the above list.

From that Adword Fundamental is compulsory to clear and the other course you can choose. Along with it you can also prepare for more than two exams. It is very important to note that the Google Adword certification has the validity of 1 year after that you need to retake the exam.
Well the syllabus of Google adword keeps changing every year and there is a time limit of 120 minutes to clear the exam. With in that period you need to answer 100 MCQ and to qualify the exam it is important to score 80% above score. If you failed to clear it you can retake after the completion of 7 days.

5. Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak offers the free basic digital marketing course. The course includes the video lectures and to get access to this course you need to sign in to the Digital Deepak website after that you will get access to the free videos one by one.

The videos are just amazing and if you are just entering in digital marketing field then it is best. After the completion of all the video you will get your certificate of completion.

Register now & Be the Leader...!!    


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