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What is ‘Mental Health’? 

I can define it in many ways but is it sufficient? Many of us are unaware of the fact that mental health is as important as physical health and that they have a mental illness, not physical problems.

Causes affecting Mental health

Loneliness- Mind has total control over the body, so our thought patterns affect our physical health. If we talk about human relations, the individuals are becoming self-centred if not selfish. They tend to live for themselves. The result is loneliness. The stressful life of today is the outcome of broken relationships. The person facing constant worries fall prey to depression.

                                Image courtesyPhoto by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Family life- Every individual needs a loving family to support him. A shattered family resulting from death or divorce can cause anxiety, anger, and negativity. Not only humans but all organisms understand the value of love. Friends and family are the indispensable part of life as they keep us emotionally secure.

Exploitation- Physical or mental abuse in childhood or adulthood can lead to loss of mental stability especially when a person has no one to support. In offices also, the exploitation is common by seniors or boss. In schools and colleges, discrimination can lead to the poor mental health of students.

Neglect by the loved ones- Parents are very close to their child, but unfortunately, a few of them do not understand their child leading to improper bring up and poor mental health. Adults especially the older ones also experience negligence and ultimately face psychological issues leading to health problems. Develop understanding power and love your nears and dears!

Mind-body connection

Now comes the point how mental health is affecting physical health. The brain controls the whole body functions. If the mind is full of negative thoughts, apparently the body will get affected. 

Most of us visit physicians for a migraine, dizziness, blood pressure, thyroid, or diabetes unaware of the fact that our thoughts are deteriorating our mental health. Many physical problems have psychological reasons.

Societal changes mechanising human beings

Our society has technological advancements in the last few years and as such Intelligence quotient (IQ) is playing a more significant role than Emotional quotient (EQ). People are getting mechanised losing their emotions, and the environment is full of negative vibrations. 

A few guidelines to preserve the mental and physical health

Thoughts have power- Before expecting others to help us, we have to analyse ourselves. Fill your mind with negativity, and soon you will find your strength is reduced to half. These negative vibrations are not only affecting your health but also creating a negative environment around you. The negativity is reflected in the food we consume, the water we drink and air we breathe. Could you imagine the results???

Self-healing- The only solution to keep yourself mentally healthy is- ‘Positivity.’ Think positive and live a happy life! Control and manage your mentation as thoughts have power. Positive thinking will preserve your physical and mental health.

Sharing- Thinking deeply about your sorrows and anxiety will make you weaker. Find a few good friends and share your feelings. Sharing will help you get out of depression.

Meditation- The most effective technique to relax and feel better is meditation. Spend a few hours with yourself; unwind and meditate! It will improve your mental and physical health.

An active lifestyle-‘An ideal mind is devil’s workshop’ so keep yourself busy. If you are working, spend a few hours on your hobbies. Walking and exercise must be a part of daily routine. Staying active will help improve your intellectual level and overall health.

Love yourself- Self-confidence is the key to avoid pessimism.  Love yourself as you are unique in the universe. Know your strengths and weaknesses and accept yourself! No one is perfect so do not compare yourself to others.

Negativity in mind results in psychosomatic problems like high blood pressure, thyroid imbalance, heart problems, and diabetes. Body, mind, and soul are interconnected. An issue in mind will affect the body and ultimately the soul. Spare some time for yourself, introspect and analyse the thought pattern. Switch to positivity and see the results!


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