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The time when we had few applications, and software’s are gone. We have now progressed deep in to the world of digital landscape which means mass consumption through multiple channels. Clients do not search for answers, they’d like to deliver their answer through any medium they find feasible. This is the new reality and you need to be versatile in order to achieve your customer’s satisfaction.
Previous systems
Earlier systems were simple and generic. Now, the vast ranges, of channels accessible to users are numerous, hence the complexity of content management has become extremely difficult. The conventional content management systems had to serve a single purpose that was to provide management and organizational tools for teams of content creators.  Platforms like word press became the standard of such systems. Although these systems function in the conventional way, they do work effectively and solve the problem of your content with a different outlook.
The process of evolution
As the technology advances, new methods and ways are evolving to satisfy the needs of clients. Better and more effective solutions are being sought which solve the problems of the existing systems. These advancements also create new opportunities and avenues.
Future systems
With the constant advancement in technology and evolution of the current systems, we aim to achieve better and efficient systems. These systems will not have the problems of the systems we had in the past but will have other channels and will market content more effectively. As the overall population of the world increases and more people become literate. These systems will become successful than ever. A number of platforms have already evolved and have generated Restful APIs with content by default. It has no concept of template, styling, or layout. These systems are called the “headless” and effectively serve as your content management system.
User friendly
Users not only want their content through any channel they desire, but also expect their experience crafted to their requirements and needs. They expect the system to be user friendly and personalized to their needs. The way of the management framework in providing a sturdy API to support many channel contents driven application, they permit technologists to tailor their experience like never before.
What’s around the Corner
Facebook has been working lately on the GraphQl and it was initially designed for flexible data representation. However, it also creates new avenues for the content design. A new technology and system like GraphQL, unties our hands and does not limit us to work with hierarchies. The new system of content management will enable the user to have a real time experience like communication or a peer to peer connection.  We look forward to highly effective and efficient content management strategies in the future.  

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