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Future of Medicine By: Prof. Devansh Mehta

Questions which hover our Minds … Whenever we think of Medicine or Medical world, we right away think of technology & scientific discoveries happening in and around us. Well in present age, we find most of the scientists and researchers and even medical practitioners talk about the technology induced advances in the field of medicines. Well most of the think-tankers think of advances we will see in 5, 10, & 20 years’ time... Well from my vision the real advances have been done already, what we lack is the Right vision. If you would stop for a five minutes, and think keeping aside the knowledge you read these days. We are heading towards repeating the history back in new form and new clothing’s. Well the point is, These days most of the research is happening in Plant medicines. If you think of the oldest origin of medicines, it lies in the Hindu manuscripts. The AYURVEDA is the oldest form of Medicine world over and nowadays as the BLOCKBUSTER MOLECULAR MODEL is a thing of past, the …

Some Lines....which Are Highly Priceless (Kuch Anmol Shabd..)

Kuch Anmol Shabd.....
Zindagi ke Safar mein, Dost kabhi narash mat hona, Janaze mein koi hamsafar ki talash mat karna, Zindagi khubsurat hai,Issey yuhi kabhi khamosh mat karna, Karna hai agar kuch hasil, Toh ek lau Ko hamesha ke liye jala kar ,ruksat hona, Zindagi key Safar mein tu kabhi narash mat hona 😊😊😊😊🙂
Regards, Devansh