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New regulations for Medical devices are in place including the IVDs market.

New regulations for Medical devices are in place including the IVDs market. These are subject to be commented by Industry as such. Over all this is a welcomed step. Medical devices industry is growing at greater pace.

Bringing in regulations to regulate the devices, their use and disposal is very much a need in the present scenario. WHO bringing in regulation developed by Global Harmonization Task Force and the International Medical Device Regulators Forum will be applicable to all the working members under WHO umbrella. Since Medical devices including the IVDs are subject to risks both for Individual and for public health. Bringing in regulation over the same is much of a need.

Ensuring that a Medical device consistently conforms to the essential principles is not only responsibility of manufacturer but also the industry in which it functions.

Making the norms stringent, the documented evidence of conformity is subject to review by the regulatory authority before or after market introdu…

10 traits for successful consultant in Our Generation

Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues – you grow so much. Indra Nooyi Consulting has become highly dynamic and approachable job, in our present highly competitive world. Consulting is the Responsibility to Shape the World into better and Attractive Place ~ TRM Writer’s We can take any job, and Golden rules are same, no matter which position we are holding, and where we are working, what culture, we belong to, and what culture we adapt too. Ask anybody, What are the traits of being successful, the answer would be no different, then,

1. Remaining open minded, 2. Resourceful, 3. Approachable, 4. Problem solver, 5. Having expertise in certain areas, 6. Being answerable to any questions, 7. Being responsible…etc…, And the list Goes on.
Looking at it, and the Changing business dynamics, Many Consultants fail to succeed, even after possessing such qualities, So, what does it takes to be recognized as a Smart and Dynami…