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Are "YOU" Jobless!! Yes,| No, "YOU" ain't!

I'm one of the great unemployed looking for the next job. I'm waiting for the right offer. Like anyone, I want something that turns me on inside. Francesca Annis Being Jobless / Being Un-employed is one of the most common thing nowadays; as common as rises in prices of our daily needs; & as common as you are thirsty or hungry! So, what’s your Plan?? What are the things, YOU can do?  Yes, to get Employed ? How can YOU come out of such a misery? , etc.... Questions like this hover in your minds, every now & then… What will happen to your Future? When will YOU get married? By when the dam YOU will get settled in Life?? If Married, How to arrange for money? Problems exist as simple as, YOU exist on this planet. Here are, few Strategies YOU could grab on, to come out of such misery. 1. Concentrate on Health: The youth today, often pick up bad habits, when the problem hits them, like Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, etc...QU!T NOW!! The more you worry about being un-employed, the more you…