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Shortcuts are always temporary. If you want to build the strong foundation of your website then you should invest your time and effort in it. But besides hard work, you should also apply some techniques that will force people to visit and share your content. A little intelligence and your website will soon be in the good terms of Google. So following are some tips to reward your web content:

Content must be original:

                                       Copied content will never work in the long term. Instead, now it will not even select by Google at all. Your content must be original and useful for the audience. In the case of copying your whole setup could be shut down by Google. So write with your own mind and use quality stuff helpful for people.

Create strong headlines:

                                        Make a heading that makes people curious about what is inside. Statistics have shown that almost 80 percent people only focus on the headlines and 20 percent read the full stu…

Growth Hacks for Content Marketeers, in 2018 & Beyond

The internet has revolutionized the concept of marketing. No matter what your product is, if you want to increase its sale then you must follow some latest marketing tactics. Growth hacking is a concept introduced by Sean Ellis who explained that it is a marketing technology for startup. If you want to increase traffic on your content then the direct way is to make it valuable for the audience but in this fast era mere this act will not be enough. You need to know a growth hack that helps in gaining exposure to your content by using creativity, social media exposure and thinking in an analytical way. Following are some growth hacks for marketeers:

Content must be shareable:
You must make it easy for your audience to share your content. Because it is a reality that nobody will make an effort to do the sharing procedure unless it is super awesome. Insert simple plugins in your blogs like Click to Tweet or Click to Post etc. In this way, they will be able to share your content with a just …