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Technology based intervention in curing Mental Illness

One in four of us suffers from a Mental illness. This means that your friends, relatives & colleagues are suffering from mental illness that they are not aware of. 
Mental health care is still considered as a social stigma in developed and developing countries, leading to worse outcomes and complications in the masses.
Digital online and mobile applications are playing an important role in assessing information and services to enhance clinical management and early intervention through access to real-time data. 
Mental health professionals are in habit to give the face to face consultations to a patient and prescribe the treatment accordingly. With the mobile apps, patients can record their mood, behavior, and activities in real time. 
They can track their condition just using their mobile phone and share this information with the clinician.

Recent technological trends in the treatment-
1.Self-management app- You can manage your anxiety, stress and sleep problems by tracking heart rate,…

Important things to consider while choosing gardening tools

Gardening is a very wonderful hobby. The reason being it lets you interact with nature. It is also a healthy habit. To experience gardening well, you need the right set of tools. As the correct tools for your job matter the most. Look at the below guidelines which will master you while looking for right tools. 1.Study your Garden well Study the garden well. This means you have to look at your gardening space with criticality. Decide, what plants, suit your garden well. If your garden is big enough, prefer buying lawn mowers. Nowadays, the best choice is an electric lawn mower. Lawn mowers have become an essential component of your gardening tool box. Electric lawn mowers run on electricity hence save a lot of time despite being highly efficient in nature. Efficient tools set is what is required these days. With so many options available in a market, it somehow becomes a tedious and confusing job, to select the tools. For this you need to do some survey of local markets, take suggestions…

Recent Advances in Pharmacogenomics and 7 benefits

The term Pharmacogenomics comes from Pharmacology & Genetics. It is the study of how a gene affects the person’s response to drugs. The importance of Pharmacogenomics is to maximize the therapeutic efficacy and to minimize the drug toxicity in an individual patient. The therapeutic response of a drug varies from person to person. Some people show a tremendously effective response to the same drug while others will show a less therapeutic effect or side effects. The drug is metabolized by the body and its response is determined by genes as these genes affect the machinery responsible for metabolizing the drug. The understanding of genetics and drug metabolism help the doctor to determine the kind of drug & dose effective for an individual patient with lesser side-effects.
Pharmacogenomics is based on the fact that one drug does not work for all. The response towards a single drug varies a lot. There was not any system which can personalize the drug and pharmaceutical c…