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7 tips to fight depression and keep yourself mentally fit

 7 tips to fight depression and keep yourself mentally fit
‘Depression’- You must have heard this term most often from one or the other person. Persons suffering from gloominess or bad mood think that they are in a depression. It is similar to a simple rise in body temperature that is considered fever and it is only after proper diagnosis by a health professional it is categorized as malaria or viral fever. Sometimes due to loss of a valuable thing or missing a loved one can lead to bad mood and often life struggle results in anxiety. The mood swings and anxiety go away on its own by care and love of your near and dear ones or by the company of friends. Now, the question arises- ‘What is depression?’ A sad mood or restlessness for a while is not life-threatening, but depression can lead to loss of life. It is a clinical condition that needs medical intervention. If you experience nervousness and despondency for a longer period with a loss of energy, you may develop depression. Accord…

Gender Inequality – Let’s Fight back

Gender inequality is basically differentiation between individuals based on their gender. This behavioral mindset comes due to natural differences between male and females. Anatomically and biologically men and women are different. There are differences in physical strength as well, men are considered to be stronger and taking more risks than women. On an average, men are taller and have bigger lungs, but women have a stronger immune system. These differences are just hypothesized. Based on them one cannot conclude that men have an upper hand over women. Men and women equality has been the talk of the town for a long time now. It’s a fight that is being fought for ages now. From households to workplaces to relationships, women have been at the receiving end of inequality. They have lost their voices in each and every realm of the society and are excluded from decision-making as well. It’s high time that we take some actions towards creating a gender unbiased environment in our societ…


In today’s ever changing scenario, it becomes difficult for an individual to keep up with the pace of the developing environment. Current jobs also require extra efforts and many times people end up working for more than forty hours in a week. Moreover, with the sudden boom in social media, there is a lot out there that eats’ up one’s precious time. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are just a few set of apps that are generally a part of one’s regime. So there is a scarcity of time which people have started to feel now.   Saving time has always been tricky. But if you are looking for some tips to save time then you are at the right place. This blog talks about some simple tricks, if implemented, will help you save a good amount of quality time that can be be spent on your personal choice of activities. This extra time will have an enormous impact on your daily routine. Apply these techniques and see yourself doing things that your heart always wanted to do. 1. Strategic Planning…

Healthy Lifestyle For A Healthy Living

The definition of a Healthy Lifestyle may vary but the fundamental concept of being healthy and hearty remains the motive of us all such that an intellectual, as well as, substantial well-being is maintained lifelong. A healthy style of living holds varying means for various individuals. For several, a healthy life means a disease free one. For several others, it means adhering self to a regular exercising schedule and having a fit, sleek body.
Be Consistent And Moderate In Approach As the famous idiom says 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race', so does the life follows. To expect an effective and long lasting outcome it is necessary to maintain consistency in day to day efforts. A health maintenance requires a blend of time and efforts being put in little by little at moderate levels or one might just have a chance of the older unhealthy habits relapsing. Incorporating these tiny reformations will lead one to build a healthy ambiance all around inspiring others. Living fit would the…

7 Tips for Academic Writers 2017 and beyond

Whether you are an academic writer or longing to become one, you must have an acquaintance with the regulations mainly followed in academic writing.  This writing requires a lot of research expressed in precise form and specialist language. It is a presentation of other's arguments with your point of view in a concise manner so to create utility for the clients or students.

We are providing you 7 tips to help you excel in the field of academic writing as, We believe when you are doing something do that best.


     Genuinely, if you are interested in performing well in the academic field then choose something that you are passionate about. You must take the topic of your interest and make intensive research on the subject. In academic writing, research means to explore and run deep into the subject. You will see new ideas are budding up and the writing will end up in untold stories.


Academic writing is deductive in the real sense, and it requires arguments to prove y…

3 Effective Ways To Deal With Low Morale In The Workplace Before It’s Too Late

Work pressure, meeting deadlines and achieving targets in stipulated time is the norm of the present day workplace. No wonder, under such scenario, the problems with keeping one’s morale high becomes much more obvious. Employees are driven by the fear of downtrodden economy and losing their jobs. The fear to drive revenue smoothly in the distressed economy being the biggest challenge, often lands up individuals in a state of feeling utter dejection and low morale. Apart from economic insecurities, there could be a plethora of other reasons for low morale in your workplace.
Low morale not just has negative impacts on the individual, but also affects the workplace productivity by random increase in work errors, hinders cooperation between the team members and the departments, etc. and if left unchecked can amount to problems with graver complexity.
Morale as defined by Cambridge dictionary is “the amount of confidence felt by a person or group of people, especially when in a dangerous o…

7 Tools for content writers in 2017