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7 tips to fight depression and keep yourself mentally fit

 7 tips to fight depression and keep yourself mentally fit

‘Depression’- You must have heard this term most often from one or the other person. Persons suffering from gloominess or bad mood think that they are in a depression. It is similar to a simple rise in body temperature that is considered fever and it is only after proper diagnosis by a health professional it is categorized as malaria or viral fever.
Sometimes due to loss of a valuable thing or missing a loved one can lead to bad mood and often life struggle results in anxiety. The mood swings and anxiety go away on its own by care and love of your near and dear ones or by the company of friends. Now, the question arises- ‘What is depression?’
A sad mood or restlessness for a while is not life-threatening, but depression can lead to loss of life. It is a clinical condition that needs medical intervention. If you experience nervousness and despondency for a longer period with a loss of energy, you may develop depression.
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary depression can be defined as “a mood disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty with thinking and concentration, a significant increase or decrease in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal thoughts or an attempt to commit suicide” This is the medical definition of depression.”

Depression and mental health
As explained earlier the feeling of helplessness and pessimism for long can lead to depression thus affecting mental health. A mentally healthy person can handle stress and negative thoughts with positive energy while a depressed one lose confidence and energy to face the world. A depressed person can help himself or assisted by others to move out of the situation. Here are a few tips to regain mental health.
·         Positive thinking- The first and foremost thing one should never forget is to think positively. Dr. Rashmi Soni, Practitioning Psychologist and counselor talked about the issue and told that the best medicine for depression and keeping you mentally fit is the positive energy. Thinking positively creates positive vibrations and provides energy to fight any mental disorder.  A normal person can never fall into depression if he or she sees the positive side of things. ‘Every dark cloud has a silver lining’ –remember and stay blissful!
·         Will-Power- The second idea for maintaining mental health and avoid depression is ‘self-confidence and will power’. Every person is unique in himself but not everyone is aware of his own capabilities. Sometimes, negative situations shatter your self-confidence and you lose will-power. This is the time when you are weak and negative feelings of nervousness, anxiety, hopelessness and pessimism dominates and overpowers you. It is suggested therefore, have faith in yourself and never loose self-confidence.
·         Socialization- Man is a social animal. Living alone and cutting off from society is one of the causes of depression. A person need loved ones to share his feelings but sometimes, he feels alone and his feeling of loneliness leads to helplessness and sad mood. Try to remain in the company of people who understands you and these may be your friends or relatives who cares for you. Socialization helps a lot in keeping you in good spirits.
·         Meditation- Dr. Rashmi Soni considers meditation, a significant practice to rule out depression. If you are feeling low and there is nobody to share your feelings with then go for meditation. Practice the divine connection with God through meditation. Meditation helps you to know yourself. It helps to keep the body, mind and soul together. It is the best remedy to relax a distressed mind.
·         Writing- This is another way to get out of depression and keeping yourself mentally fit. You can help yourself when therein no one to help you. Develop the habit of writing. One word is ‘catharsis’ meaning purgation or purification. As we need to purify our body of toxins lest they should harm us; the same is the case with our mind and soul. Our mind needs to be purged of negative thoughts and feelings to work properly.  The habit of writing helps you purify your feelings and emotions helping you mentally fit.
·         Counseling- Counseling or more specifically Psychotherapy is the procedure employed by psychologists to treat patients struggling with different mental issues. An individual might need help of a professional if he is not in a condition to help himself. It is a talk therapy helping a patient share his troubles to a trained professional so that he can get rid of mental disturbance. Sometimes, psychotherapy is given along with medication to correct the ailment completely.
·         Medication- Anti depressants are medicines given to alter the working of the brain. These medications should always be used after consulting with the medical professional. Anti-depressants take time to show their effects. The medicines have different effects on different individuals like some may develop negative thoughts in the beginning. It becomes indispensable therefore, to keep a watch on the patients taking these medicines.  Do not change the dose or stop the medicine without taking advice from your doctor.

Help yourself before taking help from others. Develop a healthy lifestyle, don’t expect too much from others, be friendly and help others. Exercise and meditation help your brain to work properly releasing stress-relieving hormones. Take advice from the doctor if you are suffering from any physical ailment since a long time. Spare time for your hobby and spend some moments in the lap of nature.  Love yourself and love other human beings. 

These are a few advices to regain your mental health and avoid negativity.  Physical and mental health is interrelated and as said ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ is true vice-versa. Mental health does affect physical health.  Taking care of your thoughts is as necessary as to avoid infectious food to keep yourself physically fit. Pure thoughts and positive feelings provide mental fitness and you can face all the challenges with much courage and endurance. 


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