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Skin represents the inner health of a person. Newborn skin is way more delicate and pure than our skin. Skin go through different phases of hormonal change. But everyone’s skin is different than others. The health of skin directly depends on the health of body and mind. If you are passing through hormonal changes in life your skin bound to look different or show some effect of this change externally. These situations are unavoidable in life, but we can maintain the beauty of our skin with the best routine and healthy food.

Skin whether its black or white get affected by bad eating habits. In the modern day time, we always find a shortcut in everything we do. We eat fast food when hunger, we do not maintain fix routine of our life. This leads to the changed appearance of our skin. It is easy to buy the product from market to cover the unhealthiness of our skin but is it worth? To get back your healthy skin you need to follow some strict rules of your life. Food, exercise and meditation play important role in your wellbeing. Let us know more about which are the best food to maintain the beauty of your skin for the long time.
Fatty Fish
Fish is a good source of fatty acid called omega-3. It helps to glow your skin. Omega-3 is present in cell membrane and it keeps scalp hair hydrated. Regular intake of food like mackerel, anchovies, and salmon can make your skin glowing.
Regular intake of rosemary herb which is also known as thyme can help in reduced melanoma. It has antioxidants which protect our skin.
Walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acid. If you are vegetarian this is good source of omega-3 after fish. It protects skin from eczema which can lead to dryness and scaly skin. Start eating 3-4 walnuts for good looking skin.
Spinach is known to be anti-ager. It contains beta-carotene which converts into vitamin A. It allows retention of moisture in the skin. Take huge intake of salad in your diet.
Avocado Oil                    
Avocado is rich in vitamin D, E and A along with omega-3 fatty acid. All these are building blocks of your skin. It is easy to add it to your diet.
Coconut water is natural hydrant. It is rich in potassium that carries nutrient inside the cell of skin. Coconut oil contains fats, minerals, vitamin E and A which help in healthy growth of skin.
Water is life. It is the healthiest drink that helps your body in all ways. It is natural hydrant which helps to protect skin from wrinkles. Avoid all unhealthy drinks like coke, soda or artificial sports drinks and add water to your diet.
Soy and its product
Soy contains isoflayone which help in skin improvement. It avoids collagen breakdown in the cell. Include it in your regular diet for best results.
Oyster is rich in its zinc content. The minerals present in oysters helps in the growth and healthy functioning of the skin.
Yellow bell peppers
Yellow bell paper is healthy food which takes part in increasing the strength of your skin cells. It protects skin from the winkles. It is also worked as an antioxidant to your body cells. 
Coffee for healthy skin
Yes, it’s true! Studies show that coffee can protect our cells from skin cancer. Caffeine has a very positive effect on our skin glow
Kiwi for skin
Kiwi is rich in vitamin C. It stimulates collagen making process in body cells. It results into the smoother skin. Vitamin C also prevents our skin from becoming dry and wrinkly
The egg is rich in protein. It is less fat diet which protects you from aging of skin due to high-fat diet. It keeps wrinkles away
Pumpkin is the best source of Beta-carotene. It keeps skin soft. Eat cooked pumpkin regularly and see the difference.
Red wine of beautiful skin
According to latest studies in Australia, Wine reduces actinic keratosis which is skin lesions that formed due to sunburns. Red wine is rich in resveratrol antioxidant. It also has antitumor property. Half glass of wine a day and welcome your healthy skin
Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds have the ability to make your skin pimple free. It is rich in vitamin C. It improves immune function and prevents your skin from acne
It improves skin complexion and makes it healthy.
Chickpeas are low glycemic which reduces blood sugar level. This results into the improved skin with no pimple and red spot. They are rich in protein content and fibers. Its regular intake will make your skin healthy and good looking.
Add all these healthy food to your diet for improved skin quality. Its healthiness is important for your wellbeing.


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