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Precautionary measures for startups to communicate on Social Media Platforms. A Complete SOCIAL MEDIA Guideline Blog (2018 Update)

Social media can be very helpful for early startups that are looking to acquire new clients by finding various strategies to promote themselves. It is always seen that now startups are moving toward online marketing as compared to shelling out money on traditional marketing methods. Along with it is also seen that the startups are now able to track their client conversion in a better way as compared to offline marketing. The use of social media is increasing continuously each and every day. The people are spending their most of the time on social media. Because of that the startups can look for some really amazing facts about their clients such as what is the requirement of the client? What is the demand of the current market? Which help them to get better control over whom to target? These can be easily done by just selecting and targeting the client on the basis of gender, age factor and particular interest area. This targeting technique will surely help the startups to get the most of the clients onboard through digital and online marketing.
Some of the things may be good in terms of social media but it is very important that the startups should be well concerned about strategizing in a right manner. They should always try to pose themselves positively otherwise it will have a reverse effect on the business. As there are so many perks of social media marketing. They are founding it as good way to promote themselves to large scale of audience who are willing to use their services. The audience in social media may be very selective about their interest. If they find some products interesting than definitely they will pass it on among others peer.  A trust building is very important the startups should try to build a trust of customers. According to the recent statistics report the number of people active on social sites is just surprising.
·       Facebook: 1.42 billion
·       Twitter    : 289 million
·       LinkedIn  : 349 million
These are the most popular social networking sites and the actives users are increasing day by day on this Social media sites. One of the important things that every startup should take precautions is selecting the right platform to promote their business.
Here are some tips for the startups to communicate on Social Media Platforms and some precautions which should be carefully maintained to get the best output.
Create the Prefect Social Media Strategy
For the success of any business a perfect strategy is needed. A perfect strategy can help you to achieve your motive easily with in a less time. One more important thing is that please don’t copy the strategy of other people because it may not work you. So try to analyze the motive of your business, the consistency of your brand, the competitors, the market need and then finally check what is your status currently on a social media?
Selection of the correct Social Network
There are many social networking sites so selection of correct platform is important because it is very important that you update the content regularly then and then the customers will be in touch with it. It is important that the startups should not do the promotions on so many networking sites because it is actually very difficult to monitor it regularly. Choose the platform which matches with your requirement as each social networking has its unique functionality. For example you share the unlimited data on FaceBook while there is a limit on twitter. So keep such basic points in mind after start doing anything.
Provide a Service to your Customer on Social Media
The startups should try to build a relation with their customers. They should try to communicate with their customers regularly and try to solve the problem. Reply each and every comment and ask for the suggestion from your customers and again try to upload the moments of happy customers. This will surely help the startup in getting the more and more customers. As well as there are so many tools available for the social media management such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Hubspot, TweetDeck, Sprout Social, IFTTT etc. so now the startups don’t need to appoint a special employee for maintaining the communication with the customer. It can easily done by using such tools.
Evaluate your social media Strategy regularly
The work is not complete by just posting things it is very important to evaluate it doing to the changing time. The startup should continuously evaluate their social media strategy according to market need and the demand. The startup should always try to figure what is the strength and weaknesses of the competitors profile as well as your profile. There are some tools which can be used such as Quintly, Cyfe etc.

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