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The best thing about being a freelancer is, you are not an employee of someone. You are your own boss, manager, CEO and everything. Hence, you can decide your rates and your charges. You don’t have to wait for another 6 months or a year to get a hike in your current pay. All you got to do is to be expert and skillful in whatever you are offering. Quality of service never fails to return back. However, this certainly will not happen overnight. Success guarantee in the field of independent work is being consistent in improving yourself, planned and disciplined work strategies, and nevertheless, the good luck!
Here are few strategies that will help you make a good amount of money by freelancing:

First things first; if you are newbie into freelancing, you can find yourself ready to take any given niche, as long as you are getting paid. But as you delve into your independent professional career, you will get to be more strategic in the types of work you are choosing do and the customers you are willing to hire.
If you are thinking of losing the work which you are not specialized in, you are going in the wrong direction. As when you specialize yourself in a specific field, you become an expert in the particular field and you are most likely to produce quality work than. Anyone would hire master of a thing, rather than hiring a jack of twelve. Hence, choosing the best niche on which you can work best and improve a lot, could really be an important thing to consider.


The most important thing to decide in your independent career is what you exactly do and offer. The more specific you are, the better you are. The practice of specifying will not make you clear to your audiences but it will also make you gain more clients in the direction you are willing to move.


Needless to say, the best way to show off your skills is showcasing them through your portfolio. If you are willing to be taken seriously as a new independent professional, you will need that website which will precisely describe you well and your work effective.
·         Showcase both, your work and your personality.
·         Show your experiences.
·         Include your contact information.
·         Keep the portfolio decent and professional.


The best way to demand higher rates and make the rates justified is to make sure you have fantastic abilities that are in great demand. You can learn and master your skills by taking online tuitions or even considering remote degree courses. A skillful person can never run out of demand.
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