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Future of Medicine By: Prof. Devansh Mehta

Questions which hover our Minds … Whenever we think of Medicine or Medical world, we right away think of technology & scientific discoveries happening in and around us. Well in present age, we find most of the scientists and researchers and even medical practitioners talk about the technology induced advances in the field of medicines. Well most of the think-tankers think of advances we will see in 5, 10, & 20 years’ time... Well from my vision the real advances have been done already, what we lack is the Right vision. If you would stop for a five minutes, and think keeping aside the knowledge you read these days. We are heading towards repeating the history back in new form and new clothing’s. Well the point is, These days most of the research is happening in Plant medicines. If you think of the oldest origin of medicines, it lies in the Hindu manuscripts. The AYURVEDA is the oldest form of Medicine world over and nowadays as the BLOCKBUSTER MOLECULAR MODEL is a thing of past, the …

Some Lines....which Are Highly Priceless (Kuch Anmol Shabd..)

Kuch Anmol Shabd.....
Zindagi ke Safar mein, Dost kabhi narash mat hona, Janaze mein koi hamsafar ki talash mat karna, Zindagi khubsurat hai,Issey yuhi kabhi khamosh mat karna, Karna hai agar kuch hasil, Toh ek lau Ko hamesha ke liye jala kar ,ruksat hona, Zindagi key Safar mein tu kabhi narash mat hona 😊😊😊😊🙂
Regards, Devansh

Medicinal Properties in Curcuma Longa L. (Zingiberaceae): A 2018 Update

Medicinal plants and its use by humans has seen historic significance even before the advent of Modern medicine and treatment modalities. Plant medicines, and extracts from them using various techniques has found its origin in different parts of world and different regions of the world. Modern days research works are been carried out in research and development departments of various Medical research centers, and are processed to extract leads (possible candidates for a molecule), which can be another breakthrough molecule in Medicine Industry. The present letter to the editor has been written keeping in light the most valuable plant medicine of all times, The Turmeric. Turmeric in scientific form is known as Curcuma longa L.(Zingiberaceae), and its rhizomes are cultivated and boiled and dried and grinned to develop medicines and as spice for various culinary across the world. The present Blog, is an effort to give a glance of an update in research works carried out on Curcum…

Regulations in Content Writing Industry is a Must !!

Content writing industry is an emerging field and is growing at every coming day. However, as people from across the corners are venturing into content writing, price status for the writers is a painful affair. People not knowing even the single concept of content writing are venturing into content writing industry, and clients hire these writers at a very low payouts. I personally think that government from different regions across the world should intervene into the content writing sector, and introduce rules and regulations in order to regularise the sector so that it can boom in the coming days.
Keywords: Content Writing Industry, Content Marketing, TRM Writer’s® LLP
Regulations in Content Writing Industry Content Writing is a specialized field of writing where the content or the draft is written for the benefit of companies seeking to build their online presence and reputation. In content writing there are many other fields which are associated fields, such as, Web Content Writing, …


Skin represents the inner health of a person. Newborn skin is way more delicate and pure than our skin. Skin go through different phases of hormonal change. But everyone’s skin is different than others. The health of skin directly depends on the health of body and mind. If you are passing through hormonal changes in life your skin bound to look different or show some effect of this change externally. These situations are unavoidable in life, but we can maintain the beauty of our skin with the best routine and healthy food.
Skin whether its black or white get affected by bad eating habits. In the modern day time, we always find a shortcut in everything we do. We eat fast food when hunger, we do not maintain fix routine of our life. This leads to the changed appearance of our skin. It is easy to buy the product from market to cover the unhealthiness of our skin but is it worth? To get back your healthy skin you need to follow some strict rules of your life. Food, exercise and meditation…

Precautionary measures for startups to communicate on Social Media Platforms. A Complete SOCIAL MEDIA Guideline Blog (2018 Update)

Social media can be very helpful for early startups that are looking to acquire new clients by finding various strategies to promote themselves. It is always seen that now startups are moving toward online marketing as compared to shelling out money on traditional marketing methods. Along with it is also seen that the startups are now able to track their client conversion in a better way as compared to offline marketing. The use of social media is increasing continuously each and every day. The people are spending their most of the time on social media. Because of that the startups can look for some really amazing facts about their clients such as what is the requirement of the client? What is the demand of the current market? Which help them to get better control over whom to target? These can be easily done by just selecting and targeting the client on the basis of gender, age factor and particular interest area. This targeting technique will surely help the startups to get the most…


Social media is the best way for the start up to find their customers. This way will give bigger and longer impact on the mind of your customer if you note some points before planning the strategy.
So here are some basic but very useful precautions one should take while campaigning their brand on social media

When it comes to putting the views in front of huge audience or rather than that we can say customer, one need to think about all the aspects. As everyone has his own view which is unique and while putting forward a concept or a view we have to put it in such a manner and language so that no one’s view gets overruled.
Competitions are there everywhere now a days. You can assure about our product better than your competitor, but at the same time no one has the right to showcase the other product down. One can put forward his own product by enlisting all good sides of its, let people themselves compare yo…


If you are fascinated by the abundant prospects of development that the field of science offers, clinical research might just the career for you. With a passion for life sciences and a vision to leave a mark in people’s lives, a career in the clinical research industry is rewarding.

A Challenging Feat As a clinical research associate, you will be tested on more than just your technical knowledge. As you direct your moral obligation towards ethics, prioritising the safety of the trial participants among other things guarantee that you develop professionally and personally.
Your Responsibilities When you are a part of the clinical research industry, you are responsible for multiple aspects of a clinical trial to achieve accurate results. Here is a comprehensive list of your most basic responsibilities as a CRI professional-
·Ensure and place above others, the safety and well being of the patient/subject. ·Monitor the subjects according to the re…


The best thing about being a freelancer is, you are not an employee of someone. You are your own boss, manager, CEO and everything. Hence, you can decide your rates and your charges. You don’t have to wait for another 6 months or a year to get a hike in your current pay. All you got to do is to be expert and skillful in whatever you are offering. Quality of service never fails to return back. However, this certainly will not happen overnight. Success guarantee in the field of independent work is being consistent in improving yourself, planned and disciplined work strategies, and nevertheless, the good luck! Here are few strategies that will help you make a good amount of money by freelancing: ·CHOOSE A NICHE CAREFULLY
First things first; if you are newbie into freelancing, you can find yourself ready to take any given niche, as long as you are getting paid. But as you delve into your independent professional career, you will get …