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Future of Medicine By: Prof. Devansh Mehta

Questions which hover our Minds …
Whenever we think of Medicine or Medical world, we right away think of technology & scientific discoveries happening in and around us.
Well in present age, we find most of the scientists and researchers and even medical practitioners talk about the technology induced advances in the field of medicines.
Well most of the think-tankers think of advances we will see in 5, 10, & 20 years’ time...
Well from my vision the real advances have been done already, what we lack is the Right vision.
If you would stop for a five minutes, and think keeping aside the knowledge you read these days.
We are heading towards repeating the history back in new form and new clothing’s.
Well the point is,
These days most of the research is happening in Plant medicines. If you think of the oldest origin of medicines, it lies in the Hindu manuscripts. The AYURVEDA is the oldest form of Medicine world over and nowadays as the BLOCKBUSTER MOLECULAR MODEL is a thing of past, the real diamond lies in plants.
In fact the future of medicines will be more enhancement of the biodiversity and the nature in which we pretty well live in. 
In future, the molecule based medicines will be replaced by around 50 %. I think that well in coming 10 to 20 years, Plant based medicines and Ayurveda will replace the global market, by around 70%.
The real gem and the idea is nature has itself has no side effects of itself. These plant medicines have no side-effects, plus they help in irradicating the disease deep from the Roots.
I have personally researched on plant medicines, and discovered that antioxidants and some phytoconstituents have ability to remove and heal the Ulcers even caused by the microbe named, Helicobacter pylori.
No doubt, chemical based medicines do have ability to treat and relieve the patient from the deteriorating and rapidly damaging conditions of the patient’s health. But, if time permits, these ailments can be very well dealt with the help of phyto therapy and plant medicines.
The future would be like, generating the diagnosis in and on Real time basis. The future aspect will be more advanced diagnostic instruments and techniques in order to generate the data super-fast.
This data if generated can help in detecting the possible occurrence of for say cardiovascular event in the patient well 6 to 10 months in advance. Learning from these data and awareness thanks to super-fast diagnostic tools, the treatment can be very well started with the help of Churna’s and Ayurvedic treatment.
Ayurvedic treatment will in future no doubt will monopolize not only in country of its origin, i.e. India, but the knowledge will spread to other parts of the world and in every nook and corner.

From my personal experience, my mother had been diagnosed with Colloid Goiter, around 7 months back. I was worried that my mother had neck cancer. We went to a GP and went through two common tests; one was the Neck Ultrasound, and the other Neck biopsy.
To our surprise, the diagnosis was Colloid Goiter. We went to the well-known surgeon and physician in our city, and he suggested a surgery as the only option. As allopathy medical world had no other treatment for this surprising disease than a simple surgery.
Somewhere in my mind, the knowledge and belief on plant medicines, moved me to take a chance, and we went to Jiva Ayurvedic clinic.
The doctor an Ayurvedic practitioner looked at the reports, and suggested taking some bunch of Ayurveda medicines for my mother.
We are in 3rd month of the treatment and happy to understand and know, that the Colloid Goitre which was about to be treated by the surgery, has been treated by simple mixitures of Plant medicines, and ayurvedic churna’s.

Well that’s a small story, and these are occurrence’s happening slowly but providing an everlasting impression, that yes, the nature has cure for your disorders, and has every possible solution for your all medical occurrence’s.

The future also lies in Nano-technology. Nano-particles are being researched where they can be used as smart bullets and kill the cancer cells.
Sonia Trigueros, Nano-bio-systems group leader at Oxford University and former co-director of the OMS Institute of Nanomedicine suggests, that Nano-medicines and Nano technology will take care of the rapidly degrading natured diseases in the future…
Highly advanced clinical trials and researches are happening in this space. Be it cancer, or diabetes, or any other chronic ailment. The Nano-medicines which can be thought of the size, if you understand that a normal Newspaper is just about 1000000 nanometers thick, such small particles are the Nano particles which can be used singularly or together as combination therapies and can really work wonders, at the Nano level right in the patient’s body, and that too in the Real time basis.

Medical Diagnostic Industry is advancing at a very faster pace.
I can see the future, where more clear and highly Nano biomarkers can be used as diagnosing tools which can help in understanding the nature of our body not only at present micro level, but at the real time Nano level.
Nano-Biomarkers will be soon thing of current situation in the coming 10 to 15 years’ time, and will completely revolutionize the way imaging and diagnosing world functions in present situation.

I wrote a paper few weeks back on Microbiological coding. Well, Medical coding is present in US, and some of the other countries.. Well I think that Microbiological coding and Nano coding will also be the thing which would reflect in coming future in the field of medicine.

Several points and ideas I do have mentioned in the above lines, but I really believe that our Karma’s would benefit us in coming future. And we would be our self-doctors.
Personalised treatments and awareness regarding the diseases and how they function will really help the generations to come to be smarter compared to the previous versions (generations): P

By: Prof. Devansh Mehta


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