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Pharmacogenetics — Note on the better healing technique leading to development of New Pharmaceutical Business Model

Medicines have huge role in treating the patient in discomfort or in any ailment or disease. Here the role of drugs comes into play, as they work in order to boost the immune system and fighting mechanism of the body to deal and heal the body. The way drug or medicine works depends on many factors, such as, the composition of drug and percentage of composition of different components in the medicine. Apart from this, recently it has been found out that, the genetic make up of the patients body, also makes the huge difference in the way, how drug acts on the body, and the outcome of drug on the body. Pharmacogenetics, has huge scope in coming years and future years, as it would help in developing systemic and constructive medicines which would not only benefit the patient personally but also can be utilized to develop a medicine suitable for particular demographic area of populace or population. Pharmacogenetics, is the new phase of science, which would help the scientist and drug d…
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Attitude define who you are and what you can achieve at all in Life.

My Life has been a roller coaster ride ever since a graduated from B- school. Life isn’t fair and what you read in books, is totally different what is the reality in outer world. Well the fact is, after establishing yourself as an astute student in B- school, you need to realize that, Real Practical intelligence, is much more needed to succeed in practical life. The world bows down to your conviction and persistence of efforts with result oriented approach. Every nook & corner sees you & expects from you much more after being a B- school graduate. The one who succeeds in achieving the set standards & expectations of others, whether be it your colleagues, neighbors, or the society. It’s your responsibility to establish yourself well in life, so that No one could ever doubt your abilities. Though it takes time & patience, but your attitude towards life & others decide whether you take deep dive or rise above all the obstacles & prove yourself. After all it’s you…

Don't Stop till the Goal is Achieved, Keep on Striving for betterment of yourself and others

Don't Stop till the Goal is Achieved, Keep on Striving for betterment of yourself and others

Regards,  Devansh.

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Need to initiate coding practices in Pharmacological research activities

Abstract Medical coding has been in practice in US, and UK markets, and some parts of Europe. However, its penetration to the other world countries has not been seen so far. Coding practices bring harmonization in the overall practice of the medical field. The present Letter to Editor has been written to suggest coding practices in Pharmacological research and coding practices in pre – clinical and clinical trials. Hope this will add to the overall improvement in the practices of this very imperative field of medical and pharmaceutical science.
Keywords: Coding in Pre-clinical trials, Coding in Pharmacological research

Pharmacological research and pre-clinical trials are one of the foundation practices in order to find a suitable drug or medicine. Pharmacological research involves animal handling, and drug dosing at different interval of time. In order to find a suitable drug effective for any particular targeted disease, lot of lead compounds are tested on animals and different models a…

Mind is the Beauty which create world around you

Mind is a beauty which creates world around you. Make your aura so strong, That no negativity can influence or impact you.


Future of Medicine By: Prof. Devansh Mehta

Questions which hover our Minds … Whenever we think of Medicine or Medical world, we right away think of technology & scientific discoveries happening in and around us. Well in present age, we find most of the scientists and researchers and even medical practitioners talk about the technology induced advances in the field of medicines. Well most of the think-tankers think of advances we will see in 5, 10, & 20 years’ time... Well from my vision the real advances have been done already, what we lack is the Right vision. If you would stop for a five minutes, and think keeping aside the knowledge you read these days. We are heading towards repeating the history back in new form and new clothing’s. Well the point is, These days most of the research is happening in Plant medicines. If you think of the oldest origin of medicines, it lies in the Hindu manuscripts. The AYURVEDA is the oldest form of Medicine world over and nowadays as the BLOCKBUSTER MOLECULAR MODEL is a thing of past, the …