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Self-Employment or Freelancing is becoming the latest trend in the business world. With time, more people are interested in leaving their 9-5 job or even don't want to join the traditional jobs; instead, they want to start their own startup or work as a freelancer.
Sounds Exciting, right? Indeed it is, but being a freelancer is not an easy task. Developing a business on your own or delivering the services in today's age is quite challenging. Wondering what those challenges are? Here, have a look!

·         Identifying the legit clients
While going ahead on your freelancing career, you might come across several clients. Not all of them will be pleasant. Some clients might be more demanding and willing to pay pennies for the work, some might be quite harsh on the deadlines. More than 90% won't agree to pay an advance. Some clients might even ditch after taking the work, leaving you with no pay at all.
Alas, there is no hard and fast rule yet to deal with this, you need to develop the skills to tackle them all.
·         Working with different time zones
Being a freelancer, you will be working for clients globally which will let you experience new things as well as new work cultures. You might be working for clients in different time zones and still have to meet the deadlines.
How to do that? Improve your efficiency and deliver the expected work on the set deadline.

·         Hunt projects or clients
This is the biggest issue with freelancing. Each day number of freelancers join the community making it really hard for the serious ones to get the project. There are several portals,,,, etc. Still, the competition is getting hard each day.
What to do? You need to be patient, grow your network and build your connections to get legit clients.
·         Tackle various payment methods
Payment, the one thing each freelancer is working for. Make sure that you are familiar with the different payment methods since you will be getting work across the world. Some of the commonly used ones are PayPal, Payoneer, etc.
Ask about the payment method in the start only; maybe some methods are suitable for them but not for you. So, keep it transparent at the beginning only, else you have to face the consequences later.
·         Negotiation
Most clients want to take advantage of freelancers by asking them quality work but offering them unfair pricing. It's tough to get a client who is paying better. In case you get one, be a great negotiator and do not lose the client due to payments.
When you choose to work as a freelancer, you became your own boss. You have to decide for yourself as well as for your firm (if you have any or thinking to build one in future), from pitching clients to getting the project, completing the work to getting paid, managing your financials, and so on, is all your headache now.

Overcome all the challenges and become a successful freelancer!!
Team, TRM!


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