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Growth Hacks for Content Marketeers, in 2018 & Beyond

The internet has revolutionized the concept of marketing. No matter what your product is, if you want to increase its sale then you must follow some latest marketing tactics. Growth hacking is a concept introduced by Sean Ellis who explained that it is a marketing technology for startup. If you want to increase traffic on your content then the direct way is to make it valuable for the audience but in this fast era mere this act will not be enough. You need to know a growth hack that helps in gaining exposure to your content by using creativity, social media exposure and thinking in an analytical way. Following are some growth hacks for marketeers:

Content must be shareable:

You must make it easy for your audience to share your content. Because it is a reality that nobody will make an effort to do the sharing procedure unless it is super awesome. Insert simple plugins in your blogs like Click to Tweet or Click to Post etc. In this way, they will be able to share your content with a just simple click.

Targeted SEO keywords:

SEO keywords are very important factor in content marketing. You must be aware that what sort of topics people are interested in. You can learn about the keywords by using Google Adwords. Create a list and go for those keywords that have the maximum approach. There are different plugins too that will help you out.

Gamify the blogs:

All the social sites make benefit of the people's desire to stay connected. So you have to do the same. You can do this by inserting plugins that make people vote on your content. In this way you will be able to know that which blog is attracting the most traffic and they could be shown to your homepage.

Go beyond the limits:

As a content marketeer, you should not be restricted only to your blog. You should focus on increasing the exposure of your content by using other sites as well. Post Youtube videos, make a slideshow, go for Quora etc. But make sure that all these links were still connected to your blog because authority is very important for content growth.

Write maximum headlines:

It might seem old fashion to you but headlines always work. Try to make as many headings as possible but minimum 25. You can understand the importance of headlines from The presentation of content is worth taking a look at and it definitely helps your content gaining traffic.


Infographics is a modern technology in the content marketing. Increased time spent on your content will result in increased growth. It motivates the audience to share your content more as it will be more eye- catching. Infographics is not only growth hack for traffic but a fun thing to do as well.

Make a story:

Instead of dull boring content, make it interesting by telling it in the form of story. If you want it to be better then connect the audience with you by sharing your personal experiences. Groove took a very bold step in 2013 and transforms his entire marketing blog into his own story of success. It turns out to be a great idea as people become connected to him on emotional basis.

Share visuals on your blog:

Statistics have proved that when visuals are shared in posts then it creates much-increased audience. GIFs and other small visuals result in engaging more audience. Plain text without any video or interesting image will be scrolled up in the usual way.

Social media promotion:

You can share your content on social media as many times as you want. Each share on social sites will result in increased clicks. So, it’s just simple math to keep on sharing your content on social media.

Promotion is the key:

No matter how much great your content is, if it will not be promoted enough then all the effort will be in vain. Out of all the hacks, this will always be at top. Don’t sit back and wait for the audience to visit the content instead make them come by promoting it as much as possible?

Growth hacking will help in making your content with sharing and spending time on. So don’t go in a straight line instead make your way to success by applying these growth hacks.

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