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7 Tips for Academic Writers 2017 and beyond

Whether you are an academic writer or longing to become one, you must have an acquaintance with the regulations mainly followed in academic writing.  This writing requires a lot of research expressed in precise form and specialist language. It is a presentation of other's arguments with your point of view in a concise manner so to create utility for the clients or students.

We are providing you 7 tips to help you excel in the field of academic writing as, We believe when you are doing something do that best.


     Genuinely, if you are interested in performing well in the academic field then choose something that you are passionate about. You must take the topic of your interest and make intensive research on the subject. In academic writing, research means to explore and run deep into the subject. You will see new ideas are budding up and the writing will end up in untold stories.


     Academic writing is deductive in the real sense, and it requires arguments to prove your view point. Make a plan to present the paper in a style that conceptualizes the content and exhibit a logical approach of the writer. Use of appropriate words, proper formatting, evading repetitions, and using formal language are few strategies to be used for excellence in academic writing.

      Organized writing


    The academic writing includes thesis writing, research paper, assignments, business papers, case studies, etc. There is one thing in common, and that is ‘organization.' The first step is to prepare a layout of the document you are going to deliver. Organize your thoughts, data, and evidence in categories. Now, take out the relevant information and discard the unrelated ones. While writing thesis, arrange those shreds of evidence to prove your thesis statement in such a manner to enable the readers to understand your view point. Here, we are citing an example of a research proposal.

How to write a research proposal?
The area of research chosen to prove the ability to explore and communicate the complex ideas in a clear, concise manner makes a research proposal. It can be organized into the following steps:
·                   Choosing a title or a research topic
·         Summarizing the project in the abstract with objectives and possible solutions
·         Overview of the research problem with current relevant information and debates on the issue
·         Table of contents to enable readers find out exactly how the paper is structured
·         Introduction
·         Research methodology
·         Research design
·         Bibliography
·         Appendix
·         Time Table
The steps may or may not be identical to those shown above, but the content needs to be organized. The thought process must be given a direction to get the desired result. Otherwise, you may end up beating about the bush.



     The academic writing is different from other content or article writing as it quotes other researchers. 
     The style of referring other authors may be different, the most common being APA referencing. When you are researching, you can prove it by citing other's point of view and integrating these with your opinion. The other referencing styles are Harvard style, MLA, Chicago style and Vancouver. Usually, the instructor provides you with referencing style to be used in the paper but if not you can choose it yourself. APA referencing is used in social sciences and engineering related researches. MLA is used to cite sources for writing humanities based papers. You must have a thorough knowledge of the reference style to be employed in the document.   

        Academic writing style-

    Avoid informal tone and exclamatory sentences in academic genre. There are some basic rules of grammar and punctuation to be followed in this writing. Use formal language and while writing, remember the target audience. The content must have utility for the readers as they may or may not be intellectuals to understand all the terms and concepts.

      Logical writing

   Academic writing comprises of many different elements like theories, data, evidence, reasoning, questioning, arguments, etc. Now, all these elements should be unified to construct a whole document exhibiting an idea or subject. The paragraphs and components must be connected to form a perfect picture depicting the basic concept or conveying your intentions.

     Revising and Polishing

     Last but not the least, you must review and polish the writing to convert it into a finished product.  The content must flow smoothly from one level to the next. All the components must be revised accurately to impart Excellency to the document.

     Conclusively, it can be said that the academic writing needs much more refinement than other writing genres. An academic writer must be more cautious of his work to make it perfect and presentable.

We wish you all the best for your assignment and hope you have a good future as an academic litterateur!


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