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Are "YOU" Jobless!! Yes,| No, "YOU" ain't!

I'm one of the great unemployed looking for the next job. I'm waiting for the right offer. Like anyone, I want something that turns me on inside. Francesca Annis
Being Jobless / Being Un-employed is one of the most common thing nowadays; as common as rises in prices of our daily needs; & as common as you are thirsty or hungry!
So, what’s your Plan??
What are the things, YOU can do?  Yes, to get Employed ?
How can YOU come out of such a misery? , etc....
Questions like this hover in your minds, every now & then…
What will happen to your Future? When will YOU get married? By when the dam YOU will get settled in Life??
If Married, How to arrange for money?
Problems exist as simple as, YOU exist on this planet.
Here are, few Strategies YOU could grab on, to come out of such misery.
1. Concentrate on Health: The youth today, often pick up bad habits, when the problem hits them, like Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, etc...QU!T NOW!!
The more you worry about being un-employed, the more you get into self-erroneous habits which may Question mark "??" Your hope of getting an another job.
Wake-up early and go for a jog, join Gym, concentrate on shaping your outlook. The better it is, better YOU will feel inside-outside!!
2. Read Newspaper analytically, and do proper analysis, work-on your vocabulary, sharpen your reading skills, make yourself, more competitive, and maintain the focus, as long as you are un-employed.
3. Revise: Revise whatever you have done in your graduation, or post-graduation. The more you revise, the comfortable you will feel about yourself.
4. Abstain from Social-media: Instead of burning your data on Surfing hopelessly on Social media's like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc. and wasting your precious time, just concentrate on your skill development.
Use Social media to get hired!! Stay Focused!
5. Spirituality: Get into some spiritual habits and habits which make you more confident. Join Art of Living, Do volunteering. In-fact it will give you peace of m!nd at-least if not job suddenly.
6. Strategize your CV, for the roles you are interested in, make proper focused CV for every particular job profile you are interested in. Like, If you are interested in Sales, Make a focused, Sales profile CV. Not every CV format suits for any role which you are interested in. This is fact!!
7. Listen to Motivational Videos: Good to Great, and materials like these, will help you boost your confidence, while being UN-employed or jobless.
8. Cold Calls to HR of Companies: The most important part of job market is, if you want particular job profile, go out of way to grab it. True!! No one is bothered about you, as you are for yourself. Make a list of good companies, you are interested for, Google the HR numbers, or email and call them or mail them.  Make a habit to Call at-least 5 Companies every day /mail 5 companies daily. Make it a habit and make proper notes of it. If not now, in future it will help you. It’s better than sending CV's with no scope!!
9. Join short-term courses: Sharpen your skills, the best time you can invest in while being jobless, is to sharpen your skills, enroll for Digital marketing, Diploma in logistics, short term marketing skills, etc.. This will add weightage to your CV, and you may never know what the future will bring in for you!!
10. Read a lot: Join local library, read anything which you are interested in, focus on the big goal, but also manage the short goals.
11. Eat Well, Eat Healthy: Whatever, YOU take inside, after all affects YOU. So, if you are jobless, the power to get into the vicious cycle of laziness is highly stronger. Eat well, to stay healthy.
Untill unless you ain't feeling well inside, you ain't gonna be in position to help yourself outside.
Read, Write, Read, Write, Eat healthy, Workout, Read, Write, Read, Write...The path to Being in Job from Being Jobless!!
Its better to say, that you were actually sharpening your skills, then, doing nothing but searching for Job, when you hit the Next Interview!!
Think about it!!


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